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The answers to the most commonly asked questions about us and coffee table books.

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Coffee table books

Are coffee table books still popular?

Absolutely! Coffee table books are like the stylish celebrities of the literary world—they never go out of fashion. People love flipping through those glossy pages filled with stunning visuals. Just imagine them as the George Clooneys of your living room—ageless, charming, and always stealing the show.

Are coffee table books pretentious?

Coffee table books might give off an air of "I've got my life together," but really, they're there to make your home more inviting to guests (while secretly hoping someone compliments your interests). Think of them as the well-dressed wingmen of your living room, adding some intrigue & charm without uttering a single pretentious word.

Why are coffee table books so expensive?

The price tag on coffee table books covers the cost of high-quality printing, stunning visuals, and the ability to not only use them as a source of information, but a piece of art.

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Where to put coffee table books?

Unsurprisingly, your coffee table is a great spot to display your books. Your kitchen and dining room would be the perfect spot for food related books. Console tables, nightstands, desks—the options are endless for decorating the surfaces you want to highlight.

How to style coffee table books?

  • Lay your favorite coffee table books open, showcasing the most visually stunning pages.
  • Line up your coffee table books vertically on a shelf or in a low bookcase.
  • Use your coffee table books as interesting platforms for other decorative objects.