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5 Travel Coffee Table Books to Add to Your Collection

by Thomas C

April 12, 2024

5 Travel Coffee Table Books to Add to Your Collection

For those who love travel, the desire for the next adventure is always present, whether it's exploring a vibrant city or unwinding at a peaceful beach.

Fortunately, you can bring this travel spirit into your home with the right coffee table books.

These books feature stunning photography and engaging stories that not only make for enjoyable reading but also serve as conversation starters and sources of inspiration for your next trip.

Explore our highlight of some of the best travel coffee table books that deserve a spot in your collection.

Multicolor Travel coffee table book
Roaming America

Roaming America is the ultimate guide for nature and adventure enthusiasts, offering a visually stunning and practical resource for visiting the US National Parks. This comprehensive guide includes breathtaking imagery, suggested itineraries, best-of recommendations, top hikes, camping tips, and more.

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Blue Travel Coffee Table Book

Discover the enchanting Parisian lifestyle with Ajiri Aki, founder of Madame de la Maison. In this comprehensive guide, Aki shares the essence of the French joie de vivre, celebrating life's simple pleasures.

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Red Travel Coffee Table Book
Atlas Obscura (2nd Edition)

Atlas Obscura is a travel phenomenon that captures equal parts wonder and wanderlust, reshaping our perception of the world with its curious and unusual destinations. This second edition introduces readers to over 100 new places such as Berlin, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, and more.

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Tan Travel Coffee Table Book
World Travel

"World Travel: An Irreverent Guide" serves as a captivating travel guide compiled from the experiences of writer, television host, and avid traveler Anthony Bourdain.

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White Travel Coffee Table Book
Remote Experiences

"Remote Experiences" by David De Vleeschauwer is a visual account of the photographer's extraordinary journeys through uncharted territories around the world. Focused on 12 unexpected destinations, the book takes you from north to south, exploring forgotten kingdoms, ancient Buddhist outposts, pilgrim trails, and more.

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